Keycorp is pleased to announce that the company has been acquired by SuperPay Australia Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nordic Capital.

The new owners bring demonstrable expertise in building a larger scale payment services business, whether by acquisition of businesses or capability sets, establishment of new partnerships with customers, entering new geographical markets or by attracting best available people. By way of example, Nordic Capital has been investing into the payments sector for the last 10 years, most notably through Point, one of Europe’s largest payment service providers.

This significant change heralds the beginning of an exciting period for Keycorp as it provides the industry specific resources for Keycorp to fulfill its ambition to provide a broader and deeper set of payment services capabilities to the industry.

The change in ownership fundamentally accords with Keycorp’s current “services first” approach in delivering a better outcome to customers, staff and key partners. Keycorp has established its reputation for innovation, high quality service, reliability and a customer-orientation second to none. Together with the backing of Nordic Capital, Keycorp will continue to uphold these principles during its next stage of growth for the benefit of its customers, and their customers beyond.